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The Chair of Hydrology laboratory is available for routine services for scientific education and research. The processing of external samples is possible in all cases and interested parties can receive our price list upon request.
The hydrology laboratory is made up in part of the routine sanitary laboratory which performs the microbiological and physicochemical analysis of water and is accredited under DIN EN ISO/ICE 17025:2005.

Further facilities include hydro-chemical, fluorescence tracer, and isotope analysis facilities. The hydro-chemical facilities are able to process water and soil sample for the analysis of cations and anions along with several other inorganic compounds. The Fluorescence tracer facilities allow for the spectrometric analysis of artificial dyes used in tracer experiments. The isotope facilities can evaluate hydrogen and oxygen (2H/1H and 18O/16O) stable isotopes using either the mass spectrometry or laser absorption spectrometry method.
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Isotope Lab

Fluorescent Tracer Lab

Hydrochemical Lab

Sanitary Lab







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