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Sohrt, Jakob


Wissenschaftlicher Angestellter
M.Sc. Hydrologie

Professur für Hydrologie
Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg
Friedrichstraße 39
79098 Freiburg

Tel: 0176 - 24885905
Fax: 0761 - 203 3594
E-Mail:Jakob Sohrt

jakob sohrt

Research interests

Nutrient cycling | preferential flow | infiltration processes | runoff generation


Professional experience

2013 – today Research Assistant at the Chair of Hydrology, University Freiburg
2013 Research Assistant at the Helmholtz Center for Environmental Research, Halle/Leipzig
2008 – 2013 Scientific Assistant at the Chair of Hydrology, University Freiburg
2007 – 2008 Scientific Assistant at the Chair of Plant Physiology, University Freiburg



2013 – today PhD-candidate at the Chair of Hydrology, University of Freiburg,
Thesis: „Lateral transport of phosphorous along hillslopes and its relation with water age”
2010 – 2013 MSc Hydrology, University of Freiburg
2007 – 2010 BSc Forestry and Environment; Climatology, University of Freiburg


Peer-reviewed publications

Bol, R., Julich, D., Brödlin, D., Siemens, J., Kaiser, K., Dippold, M, A., Spielvogel, S., Zilla, T., Mewes, D., von Blanckenburg, F., Puhlmann, H., Holzmann, S., Weiler, M., Amelung, W., Lang F., Kuzyakov, Y., Feger, K.-H., Gottselig, N., Klumpp, E., Missong, A., Winkelmann, C., Uhlig, D., Sohrt, J., von Wilpert, K., Wu, B. and Hagedorn F.: “Dissolved and colloidal phosphorus fluxes in forest ecosystems – an almost blind spot in ecosystem research”. Plant Nutrition and Soil Science, accepted, 2016
Sohrt, J., Ries, F., Sauter, M. and Lange, J., “Significance of preferential flow at the rock soil interface in a semi-arid karst environment”, Catena, vol. 123, pp. 1-10, 2014
Jansen, K., Sohrt, J., Kohnle, U., Ensminger, I., Gessler, A., “Tree ring isotopic composition, radial increment and height growth reveal provenance-specific reactions of Douglas-fir towards environmental parameters”, Trees, vol. 27, issue 1, pp. 37 – 52, 2012



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