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  • Blauhut, V., Stahl, K.: Mapping Drought Risk in Europe 2015; 27: Link
  • De Stefano, L., González Tánago, I., Ballesteros, M., Urquijo, J., Blauhut, V., Stagge, J.H, Stahl, K.: Methodological approach considering different factors influencing vulnerability - pan-European scale 2015; 26: Link
  • Stagge, J.H., Rizzi, J., Tallaksen, L.M., Stahl, K. : Future Meteorological Drought: Projections of Regional Climate Models for Europe 2015; 25: Link
  • Stahl, K., Stagge, J.H., Bachmair, S., Blauhut, V., Rego, F.C., De Stefano, L., Dias, S., Gudmundsson, L., Gunst, L., Kohn, I., Van Lanen, H.A.J. , Urquijo Reguera, J., Tallaksen, L.M. : Recommendations for indicators for monitoring and early-warning considering different sensitivities: pan-European scale 2015; 28: Link
  • Witmer, F.P, Wolters, W., Van Lanen, H.A.J., Seneviratne, S.I., Assimacopoulos, D., De Stefano, L., Tallaksen, L.M., Massarutto, A., Stahl, K., Andreu, J., Rego, F.C., Seidl, I. : Identification of Drought Messages for Policy Makers, Businesses and Citizens 2015; 30: Link
  • Wolters, W., Stahl, K., González Tánago, I., Andreu, J., Van Lanen, H.A.J., Kampragou, E., Davy, T.: Discussing drought at the pan-European level: results from the 3rd pan-European Drought Dialogue Forum 2015; 31: Link
  • Gudmundsson, L., Van Loon, A.F., Tallaksen, L.M., Seneviratne, S.I, Stagge, J.H., Stahl, K., Van Lanen, H.A.J.: Guidelines for monitoring and early warning of drought in Europe 2014; 21: Link
  • Kohn, Irene, Freudiger, Daphné , Rosin, Klemens, Stahl, Kerstin, Weiler, Markus, Belz, J U: Extremjahr 2011: Dokumentation, Einordnung, Ursachen und Zusammenhänge Bundesanstalt für Gewässerkunde, 2014; 29: Link
  • Stahl, K., Blauhut, V., Kohn, I., De Stefano, L., Dias, S., Urquijo, J., Tallaksen, L.M., Van Lanen, H.A.J., Wolters, W.: Stakeholder views on drought impacts and drought risk maps at the pan-European scale results from the 2nd pan-European Drought Dialogue Forum 2014; 17: Link
  • Stagge, J.H., Tallaksen, L.M., Kohn, I., Stahl, K., van Loon, A.: A European Drought Reference (EDR) Database: design and Online Implementation 2013; 12: Link
  • Van Lanen, H.A.J., Alderlieste, M.A.A., Acacio, A., Andreu, J., Garnier, E., Gudmundsson, L., Haro Monteagudo, D., Lekkas, D., Paredes, J., Solera, A., Assimacopoulos, D., Rego, F., Seneviratne, S., Stahl, K., Tallaksen, L.M.: Quantitative analysis of historic droughts in selected European case study areas 2013; 8: Link
  • Stahl, K., Blauhut, V., Kohn, I., Acácio, V., Assimacopoulos, D., Bifulco, C., De Stefano, L., Dias, S., Eilertz, D., Frielingsdorf, B., Jahr Hegdahl, T., Kampragou, E., Kourentzis, V., Melsen, L., van Lanen, H.A.J., van Loon, A.F., Massarutto, A., Musolino, D., de Paoli, L., Senn, L., Stagge, J.H., Tallaksen, L.M., Urquijo, J.: A European Drought Impact Report Inventory (EDII): Design and Test for Selected Recent Droughts in Europe DROUGHT-R&SPI Technical Report, 2012; 3: 23: Link
  • Tallaksen, L.M., Stahl, K., Wong, G.: Space-time characteristics of large-scale droughts in Europe derived from streamflow observations and WATCH multi-model simulations 2011; 48: 16: Link
  • Carver, Martin, Weiler, M., Stahl, K., Scheffler, Cornelia, Schneider, J., Brena Naranjo, A.J.: Development of a low-flow hazard model for the Fraser basin, British Columbia Natural Resources Canada, Canadian Forest Service, Pacific Forestry Centre, 2009: 25: Link
  • Lange, J., Gunkel, A.: Abschlussbericht: GLOWA Jordan River Phase 2 - Teilvorhaben 5: Hydrologische Modellierung (blue water) 2009
  • Markus Weiler, Cornelia Scheffler, Art Tautz, Klemens Rosin: Development of a Hydrologic Process Model for Mountain Pine Beetle affected Areas in British Columbia Institut für Hydrologie, 2009: 44
  • Michael Stölzle, Markus Weiler: Untersuchung der Sedimentdynamik im Mündungsbereich der Argen Institut für Hydrologie, 2009: 44
  • Stahl, K.: Hydrology of the World's International River basins: hydrological parameters for use in global studies of international water-relations Gobal Runoff Data Centre, 2007: 52: Link
  • Servat, E., Demuth, S.: FRIEND - a global perspective 2002-2006 German IHP/HWRP National Committee, 2006: 202 pp
  • Benischke, R., Maloszewski, P.: Use of Hydrogeochemical Modelling in Groundwater Management of Coastal Karstic Aquifers (COST Environment Action. Groundwater management of coastal karstic aquifers) COST Office, 2005; 621: 183-209: Link
  • Demuth, S.: Low Flow and Droughts - a European perspective IAHS Newsletter, 2005; 82: 7-8
  • Rehm-Berbenni, C., Aberg, G., Neguer, J., Külls, Ch., Patrizi, G., Pacha, T., Kienzle, P., Bugini, R., Fiore, M.G.: Isotope Technologies Applied to the Analysis of Ancient Roman Mortars - Results of the CRAFT Project EVK4 CT-2001-30004 Office for Official Publications of the European Communities, 2005
  • Runnalls, N., Demuth, S., Marsh, T.: Climate Change and European Droughts. European Commission - Joint Research Centre, 2005: 121-135: Link
  • Külls, Christoph: Demonstration of the potential of nitrate isotope analysis for developing remediation strategies of groundwater nitrate pollution. Umweltbundesamt., 2004: 15
  • Strigel, G., Demuth, S.: Water as a good and a service: decision-making methods and tools for regional water management with respect to uncertainties IAHS Newsletter, 2004: 9-10
  • Gustard, A., Demuth, S.: FRIEND: Flow Regimes from International Experimental and Network Data IAHS Newsletter, 2002; 75: 2-5
  • Demuth, S., Gustard, A.: News from International Commission on Surface Water. Activities-FRIEND-Science Agenda IAHS Newsletter, 2001: 16-17
  • Demuth, S., Stahl, K.: Studying Droughts at a European Scale UNESCO IHP-V Technical Documents in Hydrology, 2001: 49-56
  • Lange, J., Uhlenbrook, S.: Abflussbildung und deren Berücksichtigung bei der Einzugsgebietsmodellierung - Internationaler Workshop, 9-12 Oktober 2000 Hydrologie und Wasserbewirtschaftung, 2001; 1: 23-26
  • Naef, F., Scherrer, S., Thoma, C., Weiler, M., Fackel, P.: Die Beurteilung von Einzugsgebieten und ihren Teilflächen nach der Abflussbereitschaft unter Berücksichtigung der landwirtschaftlichen Nutzung (Evaluation of the runoff generation potential in watersheds and sub-watersheds under consideration of the current land use). Study for the Department of Environment and Forestry, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany Institute of Hydromechanics and Water Resources Management, ETH, 2000
  • Stahl, K., Demuth, S.: Atmospheric circulation and drought Drought Event Definition. Technical Report, 2000
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  • Mazijk, van A., Leibundgut, Ch., Neff, H.-P.: Rhein-Alarm-Modell Version 2.1: Erweiterung um die Kalibrierung von Aare und Mosel Internationale Kommission für die Hydrologie des Rheingebiets, Bericht Nr. II - 14, 1999

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