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Dr. Tobias Schütz


PostDoc / Lecturer

Chair of Hydrology
Albert-Ludwigs-University of Freiburg
Friedrichstraße 39
D-79098 Freiburg

Phone: +49 (0)761 - 203 3519
Fax: +49 (0)761 - 203 3594
E-Mail: schuetz.gif
Room-No: 01.015

tobias schütz

Research Interests

  • Hydrological regimes and in‐stream nutrient cycling
  • Water quality in the light of groundwater – surface water interaction
  • Scale effects of hydrological processes on in-stream solute transport



13/12/2011 Date of thesis defence for the title Dr. rer. nat.
02/2007 – 07/2011
PhD-candidate at the Chair of Hydrology, University of Freiburg
Thesis: “Solute transport dynamics in constructed wetlands”
10/2003 – 12/2006 Diploma in hydrology at the Chair of Hydrology, University of Freiburg. Minor fields of study: meteorology, statistics
Thesis: “Process-based discharge modelling in the small mediterranean catchment Wadi Anabe, Israel”
2001 – 2003 Pre-diploma in hydrology at the Chair of Hydrology, University of Freiburg Minors: meteorology, physical geography, plant biology, zoology


Research and work experience

12/2011 – Today

PostDoc Researcher am Lehrstuhl für Hydrologie, Universität Freiburg

Aktuelle Projekte:

  • Perceptions of Water Quality across Landscape-scales
  • Water and solute flux dynamics in nested-catchments - Province of Zamora, Ecuador
  • Regime dynamics of hydrology, pharmaceutics and pesticides in western Germany (Cooperation with the LUWG-Rhineland-Palatinate)
  • Revealing thermal patterns of soil structures
02/2007 – 12/2011

Research assistant at the Chair of Hydrology, University of Freiburg


  • ArtWET - Mitigation of agricultural non-point-source pesticide pollution and phytoremediation in artificial wetland ecosystems, EU-LIFE Environment (LIFE 06 ENV/F/000133)
12/2006 – 02/2007 Research assistant (undergrad.) at the Chair of Hydrology, University of Freiburg
03/2006 – 12/2006 Diploma-Thesis in the Project: "Hydrological Modeling (blue water)", BMBF, GLOWA Jordan River



  Graduate Students (M.Sc. Hydrology)
  • Solute transport in wetlands
  • Hydrometric field course
  • Thesis supervisor
Undergraduate Students (B.Sc. Environmental Sciences)
  • Urban water management
  • Principles of hydrology
  • Aquatic ecology
  • Thesis supervisor


Academic service


Reviewer for

  • Geophysical Research Letters
  • Hydrology and Earth System Sciences
  • Hydrological Processes


Awards and memberships

2013 European Geosciences Union (EGU) Travel Award
The dissertation “Solute transport dynamics in constructed wetlands” mit dem “Christian-Leibundgut-Preis 2011” des Fördervereins Hydrologie e.V.
  • Member of the European Geoscience Union
  • Member of the American Geophysical Union
  • Member of the Förderverein Hydrologie e.V.
  • Member of the Deutsche Hydrologische Gesellschaft e. V.


List of publications

Original research articles (peer reviewed) Schuetz, T., M. Weiler, and J. Lange (2012): Multi-tracer assessment of wetland succession: Effects on conservative and non-conservative transport processes, Water Resources Research, 48 (6), W06538.
Schuetz, T., M. Weiler, J. Lange, M. Stoelzle (2012): Two-dimensional assessment of solute transport in shallow waters with thermal imaging and heated water, Advances in Water Resources, 43 (July 2012) 67–75.
Gaßmann, M., Lange, J., Schuetz, T. (2012): Erosion modelling designed for water quality simulation. Ecohydrology, 5 (3) 269-278.
Schuetz, T., and M. Weiler (2011): Quantification of localized groundwater inflow into streams using ground-based infrared thermography, Geophysical Research Letters, 38 (3), L03401.
Lange J., T. Schuetz, C. Gregoire, D. Elsässer, R. Schulz, E. Passeport, J. Tournebize (2011): Multi-tracer experiments to characterize contaminant mitigation capacities for different types of artificial wetlands. International Journal of Environmental Analytical Chemistry, 91 (7-8) 768-785.
Gregoire, C., D. Elsaesser, D. Huguenot, J. Lange, T. Lebeau, A. Merli, R. Mose, E. Passeport, S. Payraudeau, and T. Schuetz (2009): Mitigation of agricultural nonpoint-source pesticide pollution in artificial wetland ecosystems. Environmental Chemistry Letters 7 (3), 205-231.
Book chapters and proceedings Schuetz T. and M. Weiler (2012): Quantitative Analyse von Grundwasserzutritten und Fließwegen im Flachwasser mittels Thermographie, in M. Weiler (Ed.): Wasser ohne Grenzen – Proceedings Tag der Hydrology 2012, Forum für Hydrologie und Wasserbewirtschaftung, Heft 31,2012.
Gregoire, C., Elsaesser, D., Huguenot, D., Lange, J., Lebeau, T., Merli, A., Mose, R., Passeport, E., Payraudeau, S., Schuetz, T., Schulz, R., Tapia-Padilla, G., Tournebize, J., Trevisan, M., Wanko, A. (2009): Mitigation of Agricultural Nonpoint-Source Pesticide Pollution in Artificial Wetland Ecosystems – A Review, in: E. Lichtfouse (Ed.): Climate Change, Intercropping, Pest Control and Beneficial Microorganisms, Springer Netherlands2009. pp. 293-338.

Conferences and colloquia

Oral presentations Tobias Schuetz, Markus Weiler and Manuel Saroos (2013): Spatial and temporal water quality dynamics during baseflow in an agricultural headwater catchment, EGU General Assembly, April 8-12, 2013, Vienna, Austria.
  Tobias Schuetz and Markus Weiler (2012 - invited): On-site visualization and analysis of hydrological processes using handheld thermal imaging. IAHS 90th Anniversary PUB Symposium, October 23-25, 2012, Delft, NL.
  Tobias Schuetz and Markus Weiler (2012): Spatial assessment of in-stream transport processes using thermal imaging and heated water, Tag der Hydrologie 2012, University of freiburg.
  Tobias Schuetz (2012 - invited): Solute transport dynamics in constructed wetlands, Colloquium 26.1.2012, Institute of Hydrology, University of Freiburg.
  Tobias Schuetz (2012 - invited): Thermographic analysis of shallow water systems. Festvortrag anlässlich der Mitgliederversammlung 2012 des Fördervereins für Hydrologie e.V., 13.1.2012, Universität Freiburg.
  Tobias Schuetz (2011 - invited): Vegetation development in wetlands: impacts on solute transport. Festvortrag anlässlich der Mitgliederversammlung 2011 des Fördervereins für Hydrologie e.V., 28.1.2011, Universität Freiburg.
  Tobias Schuetz und Jens Lange: Pestizidrückhalt in künstlichen Feuchtflächen - Tracerstudien und Modellierung der Rückhaltekapazität. Fachgespräch (22. Juni 2010): Risikominderung diffuser  Pflanzenschutzmitteleinträge in Gewässer - Maßnahmen auf nationaler Ebene, Universität Koblenz-Landau.
  Tobias Schuetz, Jens Lange and Markus Weiler (2010): Characterization of solute transport properties of different types of constructed wetlands using multi-tracer data and transient storage modelling. Geophysical Research Abstracts. Vol. 12, EGU2010-967, 2010.
Poster presentations  Tobias Schuetz, Markus Weiler and Jens Lange (2011): The effect of emerging wetland vegetation on solute transport processes. Geophysical Research Abstracts. Vol. 13, EGU2011, 2011.
  Tobias Schuetz and Markus Weiler (2010): Detection and quantification of localized groundwater inflow in small streams using ground-based infrared thermography. Geophysical Research Abstracts. Vol. 12, EGU2010-964-1, 2010.
  Schuetz, T.; Lange, J.; Mose, R.; Ghostine, R. (2008): Land-based infrared thermography in combination with water temperature as a validation-tool for hydrodynamic modelling of small constructed wet-lands. Geophysical Research Abstracts, Vol. 10, EGU2008-A-06919, 2008.
  Gaßmann, M.; Lange, J.; Schütz, T. (2008): High resolution assessment and modelling of suspended sediment in an agricultural catchment. Geophysical Research Abstracts, Vol. 10, EGU2008-A-09116, 2008.
  Lange, J.; Schütz, T., Gunkel, A., Grodek, T., Steinmann, A., Menzel, L. (2007): Representing dryland runoff generation processes in hydrological models: experiences from a small Mediterranean catchment. Geophysical Research Abstracts, Vol. 9, 05489, 2007.


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