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  • Stahl, K., Blauhut, V., Kohn, I., Acácio, V., Assimacopoulos, D., Bifulco, C., De Stefano, L., Dias, S., Eilertz, D., Frielingsdorf, B., Jahr Hegdahl, T., Kampragou, E., Kourentzis, V., Melsen, L., van Lanen, H.A.J., van Loon, A.F., Massarutto, A., Musolino, D., de Paoli, L., Senn, L., Stagge, J.H., Tallaksen, L.M., Urquijo, J.: A European Drought Impact Report Inventory (EDII): Design and Test for Selected Recent Droughts in Europe DROUGHT-R&SPI Technical Report, 2012; 3: 23: Link
  • Tallaksen, L.M., Stahl, K., Wong, G.: Space-time characteristics of large-scale droughts in Europe derived from streamflow observations and WATCH multi-model simulations 2011; 48: 16: Link
  • Carver, Martin, Weiler, M., Stahl, K., Scheffler, Cornelia, Schneider, J., Brena Naranjo, A.J.: Development of a low-flow hazard model for the Fraser basin, British Columbia Natural Resources Canada, Canadian Forest Service, Pacific Forestry Centre, 2009: 25: Link
  • Lange, J., Gunkel, A.: Abschlussbericht: GLOWA Jordan River Phase 2 - Teilvorhaben 5: Hydrologische Modellierung (blue water) 2009
  • Markus Weiler, Cornelia Scheffler, Art Tautz, Klemens Rosin: Development of a Hydrologic Process Model for Mountain Pine Beetle affected Areas in British Columbia Institut für Hydrologie, 2009: 44
  • Michael Stölzle, Markus Weiler: Untersuchung der Sedimentdynamik im Mündungsbereich der Argen Institut für Hydrologie, 2009: 44
  • Stahl, K., Hisdal, H., Tallaksen, L.M., van Lanen, H.A.J., Hannaford, J. , Sauquet, E. : Trends in low flowsand streamflow droughts across Europe UNESCO, 2008: 39
  • Stahl, K.: Hydrology of the World's International River basins: hydrological parameters for use in global studies of international water-relations Gobal Runoff Data Centre, 2007: 52: Link
  • Servat, E., Demuth, S.: FRIEND - a global perspective 2002-2006 German IHP/HWRP National Committee, 2006: 202 pp
  • Benischke, R., Maloszewski, P.: Use of Hydrogeochemical Modelling in Groundwater Management of Coastal Karstic Aquifers (COST Environment Action. Groundwater management of coastal karstic aquifers) COST Office, 2005; 621: 183-209: Link
  • Demuth, S.: Low Flow and Droughts - a European perspective IAHS Newsletter, 2005; 82: 7-8
  • Rehm-Berbenni, C., Aberg, G., Neguer, J., Külls, Ch., Patrizi, G., Pacha, T., Kienzle, P., Bugini, R., Fiore, M.G.: Isotope Technologies Applied to the Analysis of Ancient Roman Mortars - Results of the CRAFT Project EVK4 CT-2001-30004 Office for Official Publications of the European Communities, 2005
  • Runnalls, N., Demuth, S., Marsh, T.: Climate Change and European Droughts. European Commission - Joint Research Centre, 2005: 121-135: Link
  • Külls, Christoph: Demonstration of the potential of nitrate isotope analysis for developing remediation strategies of groundwater nitrate pollution. Umweltbundesamt., 2004: 15
  • Strigel, G., Demuth, S.: Water as a good and a service: decision-making methods and tools for regional water management with respect to uncertainties IAHS Newsletter, 2004: 9-10
  • Gustard, A., Demuth, S.: FRIEND: Flow Regimes from International Experimental and Network Data IAHS Newsletter, 2002; 75: 2-5
  • Demuth, S., Gustard, A.: News from International Commission on Surface Water. Activities-FRIEND-Science Agenda IAHS Newsletter, 2001: 16-17
  • Demuth, S., Stahl, K.: Studying Droughts at a European Scale UNESCO IHP-V Technical Documents in Hydrology, 2001: 49-56
  • Lange, J., Uhlenbrook, S.: Abflussbildung und deren Berücksichtigung bei der Einzugsgebietsmodellierung - Internationaler Workshop, 9-12 Oktober 2000 Hydrologie und Wasserbewirtschaftung, 2001; 1: 23-26
  • Naef, F., Scherrer, S., Thoma, C., Weiler, M., Fackel, P.: Die Beurteilung von Einzugsgebieten und ihren Teilflächen nach der Abflussbereitschaft unter Berücksichtigung der landwirtschaftlichen Nutzung (Evaluation of the runoff generation potential in watersheds and sub-watersheds under consideration of the current land use). Study for the Department of Environment and Forestry, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany Institute of Hydromechanics and Water Resources Management, ETH, 2000
  • Stahl, K., Demuth, S.: Atmospheric circulation and drought Drought Event Definition. Technical Report, 2000
  • Leibundgut, Ch.: Application of isotope ratio mass spectrometry (IRMS) at the Institute of Hydrology in Freiburg Bio Valley Newsletter, 1999: 17-18
  • Mazijk, van A., Leibundgut, Ch., Neff, H.-P.: Rhein-Alarm-Modell Version 2.1: Erweiterung um die Kalibrierung von Aare und Mosel Internationale Kommission für die Hydrologie des Rheingebiets, Bericht Nr. II - 14, 1999

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