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Ongoing scientific projects and research plans

Review on low flow events for synthesis report Hydro-CH2018 (“Climate Change and its consequences on Hydrology in Switzerland”)
BMBF - Verbundprojekt Bio-TGW: Biologisches Trink- und Grundwassermanagement, Teilprojekt 2
DRIeR - Drought impacts, processes and resilience: making the invisible visible
HZG - The impact of climate change on water quality
NAVEBGO - Sustainable Reduction of Biocide Leaching into Groundwater of the Upper Rhine Valley
Phosphor II - Phosphorus and water flux dynamics in runoff and plant uptake in forested headwaters
RoGeR 2 - Generierung von einheitlichen Datengrundlagen für die hydraulische Modellierung von Starkregenereignissen - Projektphase 2
SPENSER - Understanding and Predicting the Spatial and Temporal Variability of Snow Processes under different Vegetation Covers combining Laser Observations and Point Measurements

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