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International Networks







FRIEND (Flow Regimes from International Network Data)

is a cross-cutting programme within UNESCO’s International Hydrological programme. As an international collaborative study FRIEND aims to develop, through the mutual exchange of data, knowledge and techniques at a regional level and a better understanding of hydrological variability and similarity across time and space.
Several of us are actively involved in the Northern European FRIEND division.




EDC (European Drought Centre)

is a virtual centre of European drought research and drought management organisations to promote collaboration and capacity building between scientists and the user community.
Kerstin Stahl is a core group member.





XEROCHORE (An Exercise to Assess Research Needs and Policy Choices in Areas of Drought)

is an EU-FP7 funded coordination and support action that will assist in the development of a European Drought Policy in accordance with the EU-Water Framework Directive (EU-WFD).
Kerstin Stahl and Jens Lange are involved.





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