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Hydrology and water research

Welcome to the common website of the hydrological chairs
at the Institute of Earth and Environmental Sciences / Faculty of Environment and Natural Resources
at the University of Freiburg.

Here you can find general information concerning the hydrological chairs.

For specific topics like research areas or publications of the individual chairs

  • Chair of Hydrology (HYD hyd)
  • Chair of Environmental Hydrological Systems (HYD sys)

please, click on the corresponding coloured button (orange/green/blue) in the navigation to change to the special website.


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to the Faculty of Forest and Environmental Sciences

to the Institute of Earth and Environmental Sciences

to the Förderverein Hydrologie

press review

Freiburg HydroNotes


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- Air, Water, Soil -

Common Colloq., Chairs of
Hydrology, Environmental
Meteorology, Soil Ecology
and Environmental Hydro-
logical Systems
on Thursdays 16:15 - 18
Hörsaal Fahnenbergplatz

continues in WS 24/25




Vorhersage lokaler Sturzfluten



Bad. Zeitg. - Interview

Freiburger Hydrologe über Sturzfluten



B_I Medien GmbH, Kiel

Sturzflut-Index: Bessere Vorhersage für bessere Vorsorge



ZDF Heute Journal

System zur Vorhersage von Sturzfluten



ARD Radio-Interview
SWR1, SWR3 Top Thema, DLF Nova

Der Sturzflut-Index - bes-
sere Warnungen bevor
das Wasser kommt



dpa - Dt. Presse Agent.
Zeit, Stern, Geo, SZ, FR, StZ, ...

Uni Freiburg entwickelt Sturzflutindex




Lokale Sturzflut-Gefahr

Forschende der Universität
Freiburg entwickeln Index,
um die Gefahr von Sturzflu-
ten einzuordnen, der lokale
Gegebenheiten berücksich-




no vacancy available atm






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