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Tracer and isotope hydrology



Using an automatic system in the field for measuring stable water isotopes in-situ in transpiration and in the soil water


The research group tracer and isotope hydrology studies a variety of hydrological systems with the help of natural and artificial tracers. We focus also on the develop of new tracer methods in particular for stable water isotopes. With the help of the natural variations in stable water isotopes we study hydrological processes (evapotranspiration, groundwater recharge, runoff generation processes and plant water uptake) as well as different components of the water cycle (streamflow components, surface and groundwater). We can also determine directly the transit time and age distribution of water with the help of natural radionuclides and trace gases. We use this information to answer applied environmental question for example in study polluted areas.


Using artificial tracers to determine discharge in large rivers


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