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Freiburg HydroNotes





- Soil and Water -

Hörsaal Fahnenbergplatz
on Thursdays 16 ct - 18 Uhr

--- January 21st 2016 ---
Dr. Steffen Schlüter
UFZ Halle

Analysis of soil microstructure via X-ray tomography – Direkt observation of soil structure dynamics an water flow in soil

--- January 28th 2016 ---
Prof. Dr. Dani Or,
ETH Zürich, CH

Evaporation from Terrestrial Surfaces – Linking Pore Scale Evaporation to Regional Complementary Relationship

--- February 4th 2016 ---
Prof. Dr. J. Bachmann,
Uni Hannover

Benetzungshemmung: Prozesse und Quantifizierungsmethoden




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