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Quantifying Hydrologic Connectivity with Measures from the Brain Neuro-Sciences
Michael Rinderer, Genevieve Ali and Laurel Larsen

Long-term mesocosm experiments to investigate degradation of fluorescent tracers
Elena Fernández-Pascual, Sameera Zaman, Friederike Lang and Jens Lange

Towards low flow risk maps
Veit Blauhut, Michael Stoelzle and Kerstin Stahl

A framework for quantification of groundwater dynamics - redundancy and transferability of hydro(geo-)logical indices
Benedikt Heudorfer, Ezra Haaf, Roland Barthel and Kerstin Stahl

Tree specific traits vs. stand level characteristics - investigating plant water uptake in a mixed forest stand
Stefan Seeger, Nadine Brinkmann, Ansgar Kahmen and Markus Weiler

The challenges of empirical impact prediction with monitored drought indices
Kerstin Stahl, Sophie Bachmair, Veit Blauhut, Irene Kohn and Erik Tijdeman

Isotope supported recession analysis to assess hydraulic properties of karst aquifers across Austria
Andreas Hartmann, Heike Brielmann and Rudolf Philippitsch

Recharge heterogeneity and high frequency rainfall events increase contamination risk for Mediterranean groundwater resources
Andreas Hartmann et al.

Enhanced recharge rates and a greater sensitivity to climate variations in regions with heterogeneous subsurface
Andreas Hartmann, Tom Gleeson, Yoshihide Wada and Thorsten Wagener

The impact of the resolution of meteorological datasets on catchment-scale drought studies
Jost Hellwig and Kerstin Stahl

Niedrigwasser im Rhein - eine graphische Datenanalyse
Michael Stölzle, Irene Kohn, Tobias Schütz, Kerstin Stahl und Markus Weiler

Ein Mesokosmos zur Untersuchung von Verbleib und Transformation von Pestiziden in Feuchtflächen
Elena Fernández-Pascual und Jens Lange

Large-scale simulation of karst processes - parameter estimation
Andreas Hartmann

Urban RoGeR: Merging process-based high-resolution flash flood model for urban areas with long-term water balance predictions
Markus Weiler, Tobias Schuetz, Hannes Leistert, Axel Schaffitel, Merle Koelbing and Andreas Steinbrich

DOC and Nitrate Export Linked to Dominant Rainfall-Runoff Processes, End-Members and Discharge – a Long-Term High Frequency Measurement Campaign
Michael Schwab, Julian Klaus, Laurent Pfister and Markus Weiler

Reconstructing Droughts Beyond the Hydro-Meteorological Indicators: What can we Learn from Impacts in the US Drought Impact Reporter?
Kelly H. Smith, Erik Tijdeman, Sophie Bachmair, Cody L. Knutson, Lucy J. Barker, Nicole Wall, Tonya Bernadt and Kerstin Stahl

Human influences affect the predictability of streamflow droughts
Erik Tijdeman and Kerstin Stahl

Using stable water isotopes to trace the sources of plant water uptake
Stefan Seeger

How Energy Crops Affect Soil Hydrology: Recharge, Residence Times and Resilience
Hannes Leistert, Barbara Herbstritt and Markus Weiler

Untersuchungen zum Infiltrationsverhalten teilversiegelter urbaner Flächen
Axel Schaffitel, Tobias Schuetz und Markus Weiler

Surface Connectivity: Temporal Dynamics of Expanding Stream Networks
Nils Kaplan, Theresa Blume and Markus Weiler

Capturing the variability of preferential flow
Dominic Demand, Theresa Blume and Markus Weiler

Continuous observation of tree interception effects on water stable isotopes
Barbara Herbstritt and Markus Weiler

A database to assess impacts of land use and climate change at Europe’s karst regions
Simon Brenner, Vera Marx and Andreas Hartmann

Improved Assessment of Groundwater recharge in a Mediterranean Karst region – Andalusia, Spain
Lara Kirn and Andreas Hartmann

Environmental Monitoring with a new UAV based multi-sensor system
Annemarie Hoffmann and Markus Weiler

Integrating textual impact reports and vulnerability information to drought risk analysis
Veit Blauhut and Kerstin Stahl

Spatial impacts of urban structures on micrometeorological variables
Merle Koelbing, Tobias Schuetz and Markus Weiler

A new image based approach to measure discharge and soil saturation
Nils Kaplan, Markus Weiler and Theresa Blume

Lateral transport of phosphorus along forested hillslopes
Jakob Sohrt, Markus Weiler and Heike Puhlmann

How useful are meteorological indicators to assess agricultural drought across Europe?
Sophie Bachmair, Maliko Tanguy, Jamie Hannaford and Kerstin Stahl

Optimizing plant water uptake source depths estimation by stable water isotope labeling
Stefan Seeger and Markus Weiler

Towards a method to characterize groundwater dynamics during drought
Benedikt Heudorfer and Kerstin Stahl

Assessing water table dynamics of peatland areas using Landsat TIR imagery
Carolina Carrión Klier, Tobias Schuetz, Johanna Untenecker and Michel Bechtold

Hydrological modelling of alpine headwaters using centurial glacier evolution, snow and long-term discharge dynamics
Irene Kohn, Marc Vis, Daphné Freudiger, Jan Seibert, Markus Weiler and Kerstn Stahl

A novel experiment for measuring infiltration into seasonally frozen soil
Dominic Demand and Markus Weiler

Transit time distributions to assess contamination risk of karst aquifers over Europe and the Mediterranean
Andreas Hartmann, Tom Gleeson, Yoshihide Wada and Thorsten Wagener

Non-conservative characteristics of fluorescent tracers help to assess in-situ transport and attenuation of pesticides
Jens Lange, Sylvain Payraudeau and Gwenaël Imfeld

Modellbasierte Quantifizierung der Abflussanteile aus Regen, Schnee- und Gletscherschmelze im Rheineinzugsgebiet im Zeitraum von 1901 bis 2006
Kai Gerlinger, Mario Böhm, Kerstin Stahl, Markus Weiler, Irene Kohn, Daphné Freudiger, Jan Seibert und Marc Vis

Untersuchung der Fortpflanzung von Trockenwettersignalen mithilfe verschiedener Schwellenwertmethoden
Benedikt Heudorfer und Kerstin Stahl

Trockenperiode 2015: Verknüpfung von Indikatoren mit berichteten Auswirkungen
Sophie Bachmair, Irene Kohn, Veit Blauhut, A. Herber, Kerstin Stahl

Constraining the long-term hydrological modelling of the River Rhine's glaciated headwater catchments
Irene Kohn, Marc Vis, Daphné Freudiger, Jan Seibert, Markus Weiler and Kerstin Stahl

Dataset of glacier outlines from digitized historical maps and remote sensing and its application in hydrology
Daphné Freudiger, Markus Weiler, Irene Kohn and Kerstin Stahl

Historical tracking of nitrate in contrasting vineyards using water isotopes and nitrate depth profiles
Matthias Sprenger, Martin Erhardt, Monika Riede and Markus Weiler

Enhanced recharge rates and a greater sensitivity to climate variations in regions with heterogeneous subsurface
Andreas Hartmann, Tom Gleeson, Yoshihide Wada and Thorsten Wagener

BioChance TP65: Water consumption and nitrate load of selected energy plants
Hannes Leistert, Barbara Herbstritt and Markus Weiler

Physiographic and climatic controls of regional glacier retreat
Daphné Freudiger, Kerstin Stahl and Markus Weiler

Developing drought impact functions to advance monitoring and early warning
Sophie Bachmair, Kerstin Stahl, Jamie Hannaford, Cecilia Svensson and Mark Svoboda

Biogeochemical impacts of windthrow disturbances in a mountainous Austrian karst system
Andreas Hartmann, Johannes Kobler, Martin Kralik, Thomas Dirnböck, Franko Humer and Markus Weiler

Testing physiographic and climatic controls on glacier retreat
Daphné Freudiger, Kerstin Stahl and Markus Weiler

Impacts of anthropogenic activities on different hydrological drought characteristics
Erik Tijdeman, Kerstin Stahl and Sophie Bachmair

Improved baseflow characterization in mountainous catchments
Michael Stoelzle, Tobias Schuetz, Markus Weiler, Kerstin Stahl, Jan Seibert and Lena M. Tallaksen

Drought risk on a pan European scale: integrating the missing piece
Veit Blauhut und Kerstin Stahl

Observation of Spatial and Temporal Variability of Snowmelt Energy Balance Factors and Runoff Sources During Rain on Snow Events
Stefan Pohl, Jakob Garvelmann and Markus Weiler

Building resilience to drought impacts on water supplies: a comparison of approaches in Europe, the USA, and Australia
Kerstin Stahl, J. Hannaford, M. Svoboda, C.L. Knutson, Sophie Bachmair,
M.C. Acreman, N.D. Crossman, I.C. Overton, M. Colloff and K. Collins

Drought Impact on Water-Carbon Interaction in Plant-Soil Continuum: A Stable Isotopic Approach
Jobin Joseph, Arthur Gessler und Markus Weiler

Learning from drought impacts to improve drought monitoring & early warning
Sophie Bachmair, Kerstin Stahl, J. Hannaford, L.J. Baker, C. Svensson and M. Tanguy

Effects of soil properties on the apparent water - vapor isotope equilibrium fractionation: Implications for the headspace equilibration method
Barbara Herbstritt, Mathes Limprecht, Benjamin Gralher und Markus Weiler

Drought Duration Curves: A method to quantify and explain differences in droughts
Erik Tijdeman, Kerstin Stahl, Sophie Bachmair und Jamie Hannaford

Towards pan–European drought risk maps: Factor - vs. Impact - based vulnerability assessment
Veit Blauhut, Julia Urquijo, Itziar González Tánago, Mario Ballesteros, Kerstin Stahl und Lucia De Stefano

Drought propagation analysis using different threshold level methods
Benedikt Heudorfer und Kerstin Stahl

The European Drought Impact report Inventory EDII: major drought events
Irene Kohn, J.H. Stagge, Veit Blauhut, Sophie Bachmair, Kerstin Stahl und L.M. Tallaksen

A measurement system for different hillslope hydrological subsystems
Jakob Sohrt

Comparative analysis of flood risk management in Brazil and Germany: an examination of regulatory instruments and legal framework
Daniela Caldeira and Christoph Külls

Assessment of snow redistribution for hydrological modeling in the Alps - Proposal
Daphné Freudiger, Jan Seibert und Markus Weiler

Transit times of water particles in the vadose zone - across catchment states and catchments functional units
Matthias Sprenger und Markus Weiler

Event based recharge assessment from soil moisture monitoring sites under a steep semi-arid climatic gradient
Fabian Ries, Martin Sauter und Jens Lange

Calibration of δ13C and δ18O measurements in CO2 using Off axis Integrated Cavity output Spectrometer (OA ICOS)
Jobin Joseph, Christoph Külls und Markus Weiler

Impacts of European drought events: insights from an international report inventory
Irene Kohn, James H. Stagge, Veit Blauhut, Sophie Bachmair, Kerstin Stahl und Lena M. Tallaksen

Exploring the link between drought indicators and impacts
Sophie Bachmair, Irene Kohn, Veit Blauhut and Kerstin Stahl

Assessing vulnerability to drought at a pan - European scale
Julia Urquijo, Lucia de Stefano, Itziar Gonzáles Tánago, Mario Ballesteros, Veit Blauhut and Kerstin Stahl

Observed snowmelt energetics and runoff generation during rain-on-snow
Jakob Garvelmann, Stefan Pohl und Markus Weiler

A new approach to quantify evaporative water loss in tropical wetlands
Julia Schwerdtfeger, Markus Weiler, Mark S. Johnson und Eduardo G. Couto

Comparing the observed differences in snowmelt energy fluxes during rain-on-snow and clear sky at numerous open and forested sites
Jakob Garvelmann, Stefan Pohl und Markus Weiler

Mapping Risk to drought on a pan-European scale
Veit Blauhut, Lukas Gudmundsson, Kerstin Stahl und Sonia Seneviratne

EDII - A European Drought Impact Report Inventory
Irene Kohn, Veit Blauhut, Kerstin Stahl, Drought R&SPI–WP3–EDII-contributors

Linking drought indices to reported impacts - Germany 2003
Veit Blauhut, Kerstin Stahl, Lukas Gundmundson und Sonia Seneviratne

Spatial and temporal simulation of groundwater age distributions of a small mountainous catchment
Anita Gundel, Markus Weiler und Mario Schirmer

The role of seasonal recharge and storage concepts for low flow modeling
Michael Stölzle, Markus Weiler, Kerstin Stahl und Tobias Schütz

Large-scale analysis of changing frequencies of rain-on-snow events over Europe and their impact on floods
Daphnè Freudiger, Irene Kohn, Kerstin Stahl und Markus Weiler

Exploring controls on transit times and storage properties in mesoscale catchments in Switzerland
Stefan Seeger, Markus Weiler und Anita Gundel

2011 – Ein Jahr hydrologischer Extreme in Deutschland ?
Irene Kohn, Daphnè Freudiger, Klemens Rosin, Kerstin Stahl, Markus Weiler und Jörg Uwe Belz

Systematic deviation of COSMO-EU forecast precipitation amount and measured precipitation
Andreas Steinbrich und Markus Weiler

Einfluss der räumlichen Auflösung der GIS-Eingangsdaten und der zeitlichen Auflösung der Niederschlagsdaten auf das kalibrationsfreie N-A-Modell DROGen
Andreas Steinbrich und Markus Weiler

EDII - A European Drought Impact Report Inventory
Veit Blauhut, Irene Kohn, Kerstin Stahl und EDII-contributers

Observed hydrological changes in partially glacierized catchments
Kerstin Stahl

Combined field- and model-based intercomparison of hillslope hydrological response under different vegetations covers
Matthias Ritter und Sophie Bachmair

Testing the realism of model structures to identify karst system processes using water quality and quantity signatures
Andreas Hartmann und Jens Lange

A new modeling and calibration approach considering time variant recharge areas in karst systems
Jens Lange und Andreas Hartmann

Realtime in-situ determination of delta 18O and delta 2H in liquid water
Barbara Herbstritt und Benjamin Gralher

Experiments on forest soil structure, hydrological soil function and drought conditions
Katharina Gimbel und Heike Puhlmann

Prediction accuracy and uncertainty of pedotransfer functions and impact on soil water transport modeling
Heike Puhlmann

Water stress induced transpiration reduction and effects on radial growth of beech
Heike Puhlmann

Monitoring drought effects on soil structure and hydrological soil functions
Katharina Gimbel und Heike Puhlmann

Tree species effects on seepage fluxes in soil in a tropical afforestation
Matthias Sprenger

Effects of drought on forest soil structure and hydrological soil functions
Katharina Gimbel und Heike Puhlmann

Runoff-recharge processes under a strong semi-arid climatic gradient
Fabian Ries, Jens Lange, Martin Sauter und Sebastian Schmidt

A new low-cost ultrasonic and meteorological sensor for observation of snow hydrological processes
Markus Weiler, Stefan Pohl, Jakob Garvelmann und Jens Wawerla

High frequency, realtime measurements of stable isotopes in liquid water
Barbara Herbstritt und Benjamin Gralher

Observation of the Difference in Snow Cover Evolution between Open and Forested Areas
Stefan Pohl und Jakob Garvelmann

The application of time-lapse photography for the observation of snow processes in mountainous catchments
Jakob Garvelmann und Stefan Pohl

Major historical droughts in Europe as simulated by an ensemble of large-scale models
Lena M. Tallaksen und Kerstin Stahl

Runoff generation following a prolonged dry period
Jens Lange und Andreas Hänsler

Transport of Isoproturon, Metalaxyl and Artificial Tracers in Lab-Scale Wetlands
Romy Durst, Gwenael Imfeld und Jens Lange

Statistische Auswertung forstwirtschaftlicher Maßnahmen bzw. Störungen der Bestandesstruktur auf die Gewässerchemie
Carina Sucker

Evaluierung der Einzugsgebietsspeicher mit stabilen Isotopen und einem Grundwassermodell mit Focus auf Trockenheit
Anita Gundel und Kerstin Stahl

Interaktion hydrologischer Prozesse auf unterschiedlichen Skalen
Sophie Bachmair

Flächenbezogene Schätzung von physikalischen und hydraulischen Bodeneigenschaften aus Monitoringdaten
Klaus v. Wilpert, Dietmar Zirlewagen, Yvonne Morgenstern und Heike Puhlmann

Modellierung des Bodenwasserhaushalts und Analyse des Trockenstresses für zwei Standorte im Odenwald
Janis Groh und Heike Puhlmann und Yvonne Morgenstern

Potential der Zeitraffer-Fotografie zur Beobachtung der räumlichen Verteilung von Schneedeckeneigenschaften
Jakob Garvelmann und Stefan Pohl

Der Effekt von Baumarten auf die Versickerungsarten auf einer tropischen Aufforstung
Matthias Sprenger, Sebastian Wolf, Nina Buchmann, Werner Eugster, Lutz Weihermüller,
Wolfgang Wilcke und Yvonne Oelmann

Wild abfließendes Wasser – Sturzfluten und Hangabfluss
Andreas Steinbrich und Franz-Joseph Kern

Eintragsfunktion und Prognose von Pestiziden mit Umwelttracern
Pablo Davila und Christoph Külls

The 2011 drought: Swiss River’s Sensitivity
Kerstn Stahl, Markus Weiler und Anita Gundel

WaBoA: 4. Erweiterte Ausgabe 2012
Andreas Steinbrich und Volker Abraham

The BEDry Project: Hydrological part
Katharina Gimbel und Heike Puhlmann

Observing the Spatial and Temporal Evolution of Mountain Snow Covers Using a Network of Multiple Standalone Sensors and Time Lapse Cameras
Stefan Pohl und Jakob Garvelmann

Are hillslope characteristics drivers of subsurface flow variability?
Sophie Bachmair und Markus Weiler

Drought charakteristics in Europe from a multi-model ensemble of simulated runoff
Lena M. Tallaksen und Kerstin Stahl

Comparing European Streamflow Trends: Observations and Multi-model Simulations
Kerstin Stahl, Lena M. Tallaksen, Jamie Hannaford und Henny A.J. van Lanen

The Role of Plants in Site and Catchment Isotope Response
Katharina Gimbel, Christoph Külls und Markus Weiler

Detailed Spatial and Temporal Observations of Snow Covers in Mountainous Watersheds Using Numerous Low-Cost Standalone Sensors
Stefan Pohl, Leonard Stöckl, Jakob Garvelmann und Markus Weiler

Effects of emerging wetland vegetation on solute transport processes
Tobias Schütz, Markus Weiler und Jens Lange

Comparing design assumptions with actual observations for a rain water infiltration system in a residential neighbourhood
Nicole Jackisch und Markus Weiler

Einfluss von Grundwasser bei Regenwasserversickerung in der Siedlungsentwässerung
Nicole Jackisch und Markus Weiler

Isotopendaten zur multivariaten Kalibrierung: Eine Methode zur Verbesserung der Modellierung komplexer hydrologischer Systeme?
Andreas Hartmann, F. Humer, M. Kralik, Jens Lange und Markus Weiler

Predicting evapotranspiration in a successional forest without eddy covariance measurements
Agustin Brena, Markus Weiler und Kerstin Stahl

Indikatoren für Trockenheit? Eine Umfrage unter betroffenen Akteuren
Michael Stölzle und Kerstin Stahl

Water isotopes for the improvement of low flow modeling
Anita Gundel, Maria Staudinger, Jan Seibert, Kerstin Stahl und Markus Weiler

Deuterium excess anomaly of precipitation in Svalbard
Matthias Ritter und Christoph Külls

Changes in groundwater dynamics along a dryland alluvial aquifer system
Vera Marx, Christoph Külls, Arnold Bittner und Rainer Ellmies

Hydrological modeling of an alpine dolomite karst system
Andreas Hartmann, Jens Lange, Markus Weiler, Martin Kralik und F. Humer

Developing a resilience framework for water resources systems
Vera Marx und Christoph Külls

Isotopic estimation of water balance and groundwater-surface water interactions of tropical wetland lakes in the Pantanal, Brazil
Julia Schwerdtfeger, Mark S. Johnson, Markus Weiler und Eduardo Gulmaräes Couto

Discharge gauging without a hydrologist
Markus Weiler, Matthias Grether und Emil Blattmann

Fluorescent tracers as a reference for pesticide transport in wetland systems
Jens Lange, Tobias Schütz, Elodie Passeport und Julien Tournebize

Inferring long-term water balance dynamics in forested watersheds: Tracing vegetation cover transitions
Agustin Brena, Markus Weiler und Kerstin Stahl

Modelling the coupled influence of climate and glacier change on discharge
Karin Spiegelhalter und Kerstin Stahl

How can a modular master program in hydrology cope with future education challenges?
Markus Weiler und Jens Lange

Detection and quantification of localized groundwater inflow in small streams using ground-based infrared thermography
Tobias Schütz and Markus Weiler

Reliability of current CFC data for age dating of water
Pablo Davila und Christoph Külls

Hydrological drought characteristics in catchments: to what extent are they reproduced by regional climate models?
Kerstin Stahl, Lukas Gudmundsson und Lena Tallaksen

Atlas-Kartographie am Institut für Hydrologie
Jürgen Strub und Volker Abraham


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