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Dr. Kerstin Stahl


Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin

Professur für Hydrologie
Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg
79098 Freiburg

Tel: 203-3532
Fax: 203-3594
E-Mail: stahl.gif
Außenstelle "Blauer Container", Stefan-Meier-Straße 31a

kerstin stahl 


Publikationen               Lebenslauf (pdf)


hydroclimatic variability and change, impacts of climate change on hydrology, low flows and drought, mountain hydrology, transboundary rivers

Projekte und Zusammenarbeit (laufend)

2013-2016: DrIVER: Drought impacts: Vulnerability thresholds in monitoring and early-warning research. Belmont Forum/G8HORCs (DFG) project

2012-2015: ASG Rhein: Glacier and snowmelt runoff components in the river Rhine, Commission for the Hydrology of the Rhine (KHR/CHR)

2011-2014: DROUGHT-R&SPI: Fostering European Drought Research and Policy Interfacing. EU FP7 Integrated Project. Lead WP3: Drought sensitive regions in Europe: impacts, vulnerability, and risk

2010-2013: DROUGHT-CH: Early recognition of critical drought and low-flow conditions in Switzerland - coping with shortages in soil moisture, groundwater and runoff (with partners in CH)

2007-2011: EU project WATCH (Water and Climate Change), WB4: Extremes (through University of Oslo)

2009-2011: Hitze und Dürre in der Regio (mit Andreas Matzerakis, Meteorologisches Institut Freiburg)

2004-to date: Hydroclimatic Variability in British Columbia, Canada (with Dan Moore at UBC)


2008-2009: Vulnerability of transboundary river flow agreements (with Aaron Wolf and TFDD@OSU)

Lehre (laufend)


Aktuelle Themen der Umwelthydrologie (Wahlpflichtseminar - Bachelor Studiengänge)

Modul 7 (Master Hydrologie): Globale Hydrologie

Modul 10 (Master Hydrologie): Exkursion

Betreuung wissenschaftlicher Arbeiten

Korreferat: Maria Staudinger (PhD Uni Zürich), Lukas Gudmundsson (PhD, Oslo, Abschluss Sept 2011)

Forschungsbetreuung: Veit Blauhut (PhD Freiburg), Daphné Freudiger (PhD Freiburg/Zürich), Michael Stölzle (PhD, Freiburg), Agustin Brena (PhD, Freiburg, graduated June 2012)



2001 Dr. rer. nat., Inst. f. Hydrologie, Uni Freiburg

1997 Diplom Hydrologie, Inst. f. Hydrologie, Uni Freiburg


2008-to date, Research Scientist, Inst. f. Hydrologie, Uni Freiburg (50%)

2007-to date, Research Scientist, Dept of Geosciences, Univ. of Oslo, Norway (50%)

2004-2007 Post-Doc/Research Scientist , Dept of Geography, Univ. of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, Canada

2001-2003 Post-Doc (DFG Forschungsstipendium), Dept of Geosciences, Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR, USA


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